Good Bean Bars Go Nuts without Nuts

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We see a variety of plays on "power" bars seeking to supplant Clif and others, but it hasn't been sine Kind hit the scene that any have sought to change the format entirely. Good Bean takes the Kind concept one step further, by replacing the nuts with ... wait for it ... beans. The named didn't tip you off, did it?

Denoting themselves as the "fruit & NO-Nut bar," Good Bean substitutes chickpeas where almonds or other nuts would be. The bars looks a lot like Kind and have a similar, though drier, flavor profile. Here are the specifics:

Fruit & seed trail mix: Chickpeas, cranberries and pumpkin seeds. With the exception of a slight powdery dryness from the chickpeas, which is not too distracting, the bar delivers a nice, chewy, dried fruit, and lightly syruped sweetness that makes you feel both that you're eating something less unhealthy than the newest Snickers-like health bar, and something you won't mind finishing.

Apricot coconut: Apricots, coconut, white chocolate, and the signature chickpeas. The flavor is coconut first, fruit second, and chickpea and light white chocolate sweetness last.

Chocolate berry: Dark chocolate, red and blue berries and the peas. The chocolate, in mini chip form, is more obvious than in the white chocolate version, and the berries are bright, but the chalkiness of the dried chickpeas comes through more here than in the others, resulting in a relatively dry bar. Still, entirely reasonable.

Good Bean bars will hit San Francisco on Feb. 29 at Whole Foods, and will sell for $1.79 each.

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