EOS to Close at the End of the Month

Eos, the 15-year-old Cole Valley restaurant and wine bar, will close its doors on February 25. Named for the ancient Greek goddess of dawn, Eos was one of the first restaurants to serve Asian-fusion small plates, launching the career of then-owner Arnold Eric Wong (and one of his early sous-chefs, Phil West of Range) as well as inspiring a generation of wine bars.

The current executive chef, Christopher Long, a veteran of Coi and Mission Beach Café, took over the kitchen a year ago. Long confirmed to SFoodie that the restaurant is closing, attributing the closure to current owner Scott Holley's cashflow problems. Long says Holley offered to sell him the business, but the chef wasn't willing to take it on.

You have two more weeks to reminisce over the restaurant's signature shiitake mushroom dumplings.

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Eos Restaurant and Wine Salon - CLOSED

901 Cole, San Francisco, CA

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Rj Rosso
Rj Rosso

so sad! I used to be a waiter there and it was a great place to work and eat! I am sure it will be missed!


Last time I sat at the EOS Wine Bar, the talk was that the owner guy was in deep trouble with eos, yabbies and the steps rome place - allegedly he's not fond of paying his employees or his bills - who knows, this city doesn't make it easy on owners but they also tend to overlook health code violations and they're not hard to spot...EOS definitely went down hill a bit after the long time staff - they were awesome and the food was still good..



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