Drink of the Week: Suck the Monkey

Put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up
Lou Bustamante
Watching Mike Moran, co-owner and bartender at Hobson's Choice in the Upper Haight, make a Suck the Monkey ($10, coconut water, a blend of six rums, lime juice) by carefully using a drill and squeeze bottles on a coconut is both impressive and fascinating--besides the professor on Gilligan's Island, few people can take a coconut and turn it into something quite as unique.

The fun-factor is pretty amazing: a whole coconut gets filled with a flavorful blend of rums that produces one of the best combinations of fresh coconut water and spirits I've tasted, feeling neither thin, minerally, nor overly rummy. Served in limited quantities and rather sporadically (you need to check Twitter:@HobsonsChoiceSF to know what day) starting at 3pm, they go fast. Drinking one of these will get you a lot of questions, smiles, and drinking buddies so quickly that you'll feel anything but stranded on a desert isle.

Hobson's Choice, 1601 Haight (at Clayton), 621-5859

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Hobson's Choice

1601 Haight, San Francisco, CA

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