Dragonfly Cakes: The Teensy Cakes That Solve The Cake Problem

Dragonfly Cakes
​We all want to have our cake and eat it too from time to time. Petit fours make that possible. Every year at the Fancy Food Show we endeavor to "sample" a few favorites we have already sampled plenty of times before. Dragonfly Cakes petit fours from Sausalito are at the top of that list.

Always a pleasant nibble, these modest rectangles are brightly colored, fully iced, and filled with buttercream, icing, jam, or curd. At about two bites each, they're like cake without gluttony. Cake (and containers of ice cream) is one of those foods that too often comes to feel like something we "had better finish" even when logic, health, and pure caloric density makes it obvious we shouldn't.

These portable wonders certainly solve the problem. You can eat the whole cake and not feel a tinge of guilt. Of course, since they come in many flavors, the trick lies in eating just one.

PF Valentines 20.jpeg
‚ÄčSince Valentines day is coming, and it's the year of the Dragon, perhaps a box of the "XOXO," "Love," and heart-inscribed versions is in order. Nothing like a gift you get to share in, after all.

Dragoncakes are about $2 apiece and are available at Andronicos and Whole Foods. You may also order in advance online (custom decorations are available) and pick them up at the bakery in Sausalito.

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