Don't Be a Passive Consumer: The Richmond ISO a Good Taqueria

Jonathan Kauffman
All of us have passed by a vacant storefront in our neighborhorhood and thought, "Dammit, I'd love to see a [Lao restaurant / cat grooming shop / cute lifestyle boutique selling things that look like they were made in 1850] here!" Well, some enterprising citizen in the Richmond isn't just content to daydream -- he or she has taken action to make that vision a reality.

Yesterday, the Richmond District Blog posted a photo of the above sign, which was recently plastered on the entrance to a former convenience store. The post has, of course, launched a war in the comments section about the quality of the El Gordo location on 24th and Clement, of which SFoodie is a fan. But that's, like, a half-mile away. And we have a few brilliant ideas about restaurants we'd like to see in our own neighborhood. If you have access to a large-format printer and some wheat paste, we'd be happy to share them with you.

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