Cosmic American Voodoo Van: The Truck of Rock

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Voodoo Van's Phil Stefani (left) and Seth Stowaway showing off their customer service.
"Our whole goal is to take what food trucks are to another level," says Phil Stefani, aka FlexXBronco's lead guitarist and owner of the new Cosmic American Voodoo Van. How so? "Through image, attitude, and style," Stefani responds, "and through our love of food and our take on fashion and how we're marketing ourselves."

The van announced its presence on Eater in late December, and has been making sporadic appearances -- Rickshaw Stop one night, Monarch another -- while in the final stages of getting all its permits in Alameda and San Francisco counties. Stefani's more of the svengali behind the truck rather than its executive chef; he's working with Guy Thunderbird, a FlexXBronco bandmate, and Seth Stowaway.

"Our plan is to bring food trucks to music venues," Stefani says. "People get hungry and a lot of the restaurants don't stay open that late, or don't serve good food. My band is playing the Independent March 1, and I'd like to have the food truck parked there for that event -- and I'm really looking forward to getting involved in Coachella and Outside Lands."

The food, which Stefani describes as "gourmet drunk comfort food," includes voodoo stix (battered green beans) and juju balls (cream-cheese-stuffed fried potato balls), as well as sandwiches like the skirtlifter, a Niman Ranch steak sandwich topped with cole slaw and served on a ciabatta roll.

You want to taste the rawk? You'll have to visit the SPCA's Valentine's Day Adopt-a-thon this Friday, where Cosmic American Voodoo Van will be appearing alongside Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet's "Cat From Hell," and Kevin from Frisco Tattoo, who'll be doing animal-themed tattoos for discount rates. Oh, and Stefani says there's something really big for Cosmic American Voodoo Van in the works, but he can't talk about it for a couple more months. "We've already signed confidentiality agreements," he says. "And I don't want to jinx it."

SPCA Adopt-a-thon with Voodoo Van and Jackson Galaxy
Where: San Francisco SPCA, 2500 16th St.
When: February, February 8, 4-8 p.m.
Cost: Free

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