Candy Heart Valentine's Day Graffiti Might Make Lonely Folks Feel Better

Categories: Food as Art

You know how candy corn tastes like sugary candles, and Peeps taste like sugary foam, and candy hearts are pretty much just sugary chalk? Over on our sister blog The Exhibitionist, our funny, talented, and entirely un-housebroken writer Angela Lutz has put the hearts-are-just-chalk theory to the test ... and managed to let us know just how she feels about Valentine's Day:

sidewalk xoxo.jpg
​First, she decorated the stairs outside her apartment.

And then, when there's no kids on the street, she chalked up some truth:

sidewalk fuck.jpg

That's from Lutz's Exhibitionist post "Five Quick and Easy Ways to Make Valentine's Day Suck Less." It's pretty tart -- much more so than those drab dust-hearts!

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