Burrito Justice Maps Out the Scary Effects of Proposed Food-Truck Exclusion Zones

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Brian Mount and Burrito Justice
This is the Mission on AB 1678.
​Yesterday, SFoodie wrote about AB 1678, a bill introduced in the California legislature last week that might kill San Francisco's street-food scene. The bill seeks to forbid food trucks from parking within 1,500 feet -- three blocks -- of any school. In a dense city like San Francisco, that knocks out a lot of territory.

You need visual proof? Burrito Justice and data-miner Brian Mount, our civic heroes of the day, are in the process of mapping out just how much of the city will be a no-go zone for food trucks if AB 1678 passes. Their preliminary map, on which the exclusion zones are marked by big red circles, makes San Francisco look like it has a fatal case of the measles. (The smaller blue circles mark permitted locations for food trucks.)
Burrito Justice points out that the "aggregate area of all exclusion zones is 62 square miles, greater than the size of the our 7×7 city." Gulp. The two are currently refining the data, so keep checking Burrito Justice for newer -- and possibly scarier -- maps.

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