Wine(s) of the Week: Riesling

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​If you've followed Jay McInerney's move from chronicler of a generation to scribe of that generation's current obsession, wine, you may have seen his 2012 resolution to "Drink more Riesling." His insight that "every wine merchant and sommelier you encounter will think you're cool if you ask for it" might even have you considering doing the same.

While we have no specific opinion on McInerney's advice or expertise, if you want to start drinking more Riesling, we thought we'd find you some. Besides, most wine writers like an excuse to write more about Riesling (or Sherry, or any of a host of other under-appreciated wines for that matter), and Riesling is one of the great friends of hard to pair foods, like vegetables and our local crab.

Of course, as always, our mission (as we've chosen to accept it) is to find you local wines for $40 or less that stand out in story, style or substance. Here are two Rieslings in that spirit.

Wine: Trefethen 2010 Dry Riesling

Notes: Very pleasant and approachable with crisp, but not overwhelming, acidity. Notes of fresh citrus dominated by lemon and lime. Light petrol on the nose only modestly carries through to the mouth. Bracingly dry with only the lemon zest of sweetness that is implied, but not actual. The finish lifts from your tongue in dry waves like the glimmers of heat off a dessert asphalt road.
Sells For: $18.99 (At K&L) Drinks Like: $30
Where to score it: Falletti Foods, K&L, Jug Shop, Marina Supermarket and Andronico's.

Wine: Smith-Madrone 2010 Riesling


Notes: Clean, Apple-y, classic Riesling flavors, that are both dry and simultaneously provide the illusion of a touch of sweetness in a tart package -- like a granny smith apple.
Clean, fresh and pleasant. There's a slight note of petrol in the finish which hints this wine will age into a serious petrol-rich scented Riesling over time, but don't worry about that -- just drink it now. Mentally makes us crave a slice of hot apple pie to pair it with, though it would almost certainly go better with seafood or veggies.
Sells For: $26.99 Drinks Like: $30
Where to score it: Only at K&L.

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