Jeff Mangum is Vegan, Milk Ads are Hilarious(ly Bad), & 20 Best Vegan Dishes in the Mission!?

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• The awesome Compassion Over Killing launched ads on Hulu this week and they're being very well received! I love the idea of people sitting down to watch Paula Deen tap dance on a dead pig or whatever she does and then BAM! Here's the real deal! Love it -- give COK all your money so they can keep these super successful ads up and running. Go, COK, go!

• These ads from the National Dairy Council are HILARIOUS. I think we all know what it looks like that woman is doing and it rhymes with "giving a hand-job to a t-rex." Seriously, WHAT ADVERTISING AGENCY IS MILK USING FOR THEIR ADS? I really hope a vegan is secretly behind this because high-five, my good woman! Plus, the woman at the end, I am dying--the cast of Troll 2 would make fun of her skills.

• We reported earlier this week that Hodo Soy Beanery is going into Costco. Yes! It should be there by now, so go buy it all and then drive home in your Hummer whilst drinking a Bud Light and singing "Ain't That America" at all the idiots who don't get it.

It's VegWeek at Grubwithus and you have the opportunity to eat all over town with your favorite veganlebrities, including Sarah M. Smart from Vegansaurus and MAYBE EVEN ME. Buy tickets so we look popular -- plus the food at Thai Idea Vegetarian is mad delicious, so even if you think we suck, you'll still eat hella deliciousness. Win/win! Kinda!

• It's the S.F. Vegan Happy Hour tonight, and you should go! They're showing all the murder scenes from Friday the 13th movies, and it should be hella spooky and delicious.

• I don't think I mentioned the Post Punk Kitchen 100 already 'cause it wasn't out by the time I filed* last week's in vegan but you gotta check out this comprehensive list of all things super-wonderful and vegan food-related in 2011. It's extra-delicious, and I helped create the list (a little), so you can feel even closer to me when you're reading it. Next step: drilling a peephole into my shower! Good morning, you!

Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum is vegan and he's also on tour. That makes him three steps away from being Misery-ed in my basement. I've got an XL dog crate with his name on it! Literally, I had a foster dog named Jeff once -- it's his old crate. Let's do this, Mangum!

Refinery 29 has hella delicious raw vegan recipes from Sidesaddle Kitchen up right now. Go steal them all and un-bake me a pie.

VegNews compiled a list of all the best vegan things to eat in the Mission. Agree? Disagree? Have you stopped reading so you can go eat them all? Good job, I've taught you well!

It's a PIE CRUST made from CINNAMON ROLLS. That is all.

*yes, I'm professional writer, and -- when in the newsroom environment -- I say things like, "filed, chief." "file it, toots!", and, "filed under: that bitch cray!"

Laura Beck is a founding editor of Vegansaurus! and tweets at mrpenguino.
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Callan Cushing
Callan Cushing

Lol! Ditto the T-rex comment. That commercial is delightful ;)

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