The Jug Shop Ushers in a New Year of Beer Tastings

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Brett L.
​ It's only a few days into 2012, but you've been behaving very well. The New Year diet is working, and tonight you'll be gorging on raw carrot sticks, a handful of unsalted almonds, and a tall glass of water. At the end of the week, celebrate the success of your resolution by breaking it in grand fashion.

This Friday marks The Jug Shop's first beer tasting of the year. The store has been one of the city's best destinations for fermented and distilled liquids since the mid-1960's, and Certified Cicerone's Eric Cripe carries the torch of curating one of San Francisco's finest collections of brew. The shop's regular beer tastings are informal, educational, and generally unified by a theme (sign up for the newsletter for tasting announcements.

This week's tasting is devoted to 'gypsy' brewers who create their beers on borrowed time at established breweries ... and tend to have a penchant for mis-matched flowy garments and kitschy gold jewelry. Envision Jack Sparrow hunched over the brew kettle.

Two of the featured breweries are domestic: Pretty Things of Massachusetts, and Maryland's saison-focused Stillwater Artisanal Ales. The tasting is rounded out by Danish newcomer Evil Twin Brewing. Created by Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso, the proprietor of Copenhagen's best beer shop, Evil Twin has gypsy brewing in the family. Jeppe's brother, Mikkel Borg-Bjergso, created the world's most well-known roving brew outfit, Mikkeller. On Friday, you can decide if Jeppe is living up to the family profession.

The tasting will feature over a dozen beers, including a couple draft offerings. We recommend buying an extra ticket, inviting a friend, and convincing her that everybody else will be dressed like a gypsy. After a dozen beer samples, we're sure she'll forgive you.

Jug Shop Gypsy Beer Tasting
Where: The Jug Shop, 1590 Pacific Ave. (at Polk), (415) 885-2922
When: Friday January 6, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Cost: $17 pre-sale (register here), $20 door
What: Over a dozen beers to sample from three gypsy brewers.

The list:

Pretty Things:
Hedgerow Bitter
Jack d'Or Saison
Our Finest Regard Barleywine
Babayaga Smoked Stout

Evil Twin:
Williamsburg Hipster Ale
Soft DK Stout
Soft XMAS Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top (cherry vanilla imperial stout)
Disco Beer (Chardonnay barrel-aged imperial IPA)

Stillwater Artisan Ales:
Stateside Saison
Existent (dark saison)
Autumnal (German inspired saison)
Cellar Door (wheat based saison with white sage)
Debutante (on draft - saison with spelt, rye, heather, honeysuckle, and hyssop)

Marin Brewing
Three Flowers Rye IPA on draft (not a gypsy brewer, but a lovely bonus beer)

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Jug Shop

1590 Pacific, San Francisco, CA

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Lewis Griswold
Lewis Griswold

time to update your picture.  the jug shop is across the street and looks totally different.

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