Souley Vegan Frozen Meals, Meat-Eating Environmentalists, & Etsy on Foie Gras

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​• PCRM has some whack attack billboard up equating cheese with big luscious thighs and it almost makes this vegan pick up a hunk of gouda and go to town. JOKE I WILL NEVER EAT ABUSED ANIMAL MUCUS but really, knock it the fuck off, PCRM. This campaign makes vegans look like the human-hating idiots they want to think vegans are. It's embarrassing, and I'm tired of defending us all over the internet. It's exhausting! Plus, I've got delicious vegan cookies to eat.

• This is funny! And I found it via a porn star's twitter! That's a win/win as far as I'm concerned.


Souley Vegan is unleashing a line of vegan meals on all of us. Give them all to me! Even Jonathan Kauffman loves them, telling me that the black eyes peas were one of the best things he tried at the Fancy Food Show. AHHH I CAN'T WAIT!

Freakanomics asks the questions, "Why aren't all environmentalists vegan?" and all vegans go, "GO ON, OUR MAIN FREAKS AND ECONOMICS BLOG."

• McDonald's has yet another goofy commercial where they pretend to care about the farmers and the food. It's just so wildly out of touch and insane that it'd be laughable if they weren't the creepy clown devil. Never forget.

Scientific American has a piece about how eating a Cheeseburger is super impractical. Which it is. Also, filled with dead things and sadness and E. coli and blood and antibiotics and someone's mom. EAT UP!

• Etsy posted something about how delicious foie gras is, and it's a bunch of bullshit from an insufferably privileged silly person. Don't take my word for it -- Megan Rascal breaks down exactly why it's so idiotic and gross. It actually reminds me of that ridiculous piece in the New York Times from a couple weeks ago about the joy of quiet. Just so out of touch and, "aren't rich people acrayzay???" I think this revokes every omnivore's ability to EVER EVER call vegans out for being privileged or ridiculous. Am I making sense here? I think I am, but I'm sick, so please be nice to me this week. Also, send homemade vegan chicken noodle soup and movies and tissues and cash money. There's no illness good ol' Ben Franklin can't cure!

Laura Beck is a founding editor of Vegansaurus! and tweets at mrpenguino.
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I can't wait for Souley Vegan's frozen meals! Now I can eat delicious soul food all the time! YAY!

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