Science of Cocktails Night Returns; Chemically Bonds Drinks and Education

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​Combining science and liquor together into a frothy and delicious drink requires the brainpower of the Exploratorium's scientists, and bartending know-how from the Bay Area's best bars. The resulting concoction is the Science of Cocktails night at the Exploratorium happening this Thursday. On it's third year, the event is bigger and better with over 15 bartenders crafting nearly 30 different drinks, experiments, demonstrations, and delicious bites.

The science portion of the evening will indulge your inner geek with experiments like creating instant infusions, the science of shaking versus stirring a drink (including examinations of dilution and temperature), and the anatomy of the cocktail exhibit that breaks down the effect the numerous components have on the drink, led by AQ's Tim Zohn.

On the cocktail side, expect to see the Cocktail Lab crew, along with bartenders from 15 Romolo, AQ, Bloodhound, Jupiter Olympus, Michael Mina, Rickhouse, Wo Hing , and special guest Erik Hakkinen from Seattle's celebrated ZigZag Café. Keep an eye out for the Manhattan Project, a collaboration between distiller Dave Smith (St. George Spirits), Darren Crawford (Bourbon & Branch), and Russell Davis (Rickhouse, Ice Cream Bar). The trio is showcasing locally produced bourbon that has rested in a barrel that previously aged Manhattan cocktails. Mind. Blown.

© Exploratorium
The specific gravity Pousse Cafe may not be there this year, but how about powdered cocktails?
​In the VIP area you'll find Doug Williams of Liquid Alchemy serving up unusual libations like a Caramel Tequila Dust that turns to liquid in your mouth, Paloma cocktail cubes with grapefruit pearls and a fizzy powder, and carbonated lavender-vanilla tequila sodas in little bottles. Expect a few tricks from the Cocktail Lab, along with Jupiter Olympus who are steam-infusing some peated malt into gin.

A bitters and amari based cocktail competition by Rye on The Road features Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame as MC, should make the battle even more interesting. With free run of the whole museum, some memorable food and drinks, it's a fun and worthwhile event to support the Exploratorium's educational programs.

Science of Cocktails
Where: Exploratorium, 3601 Lyon Street (at Marina)
When: Thurs., Jan. 26th, 7:30 p.m.-11 p.m.
Cost: $120; $185 for VIP, tickets available online; 21 and over

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Best event I attended last year! Hands down!

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