Meet Mikado, San Francisco's Most Gigantic Wafer Cookie

Tamara Palmer
Cinderella Russian Bakery & Cafe's Mikado wafer.
The Mikado wafer is the most bizarre-looking cookie at Cinderella Russian Bakery & Cafe, a Richmond District staple since 1953. It stands out from the fruit hamantaschen, powdered sugar-dusted honey cookies, and dry butter cookies in size and structure, and it's the best way to get a chocolate fix here without diving into cake territory.

Since the photo doesn't provide much idea of scale, do note that, while we don't have particularly large hands, the Mikado is slightly bigger than one of our mitts.

This is a great sharing cookie. The thick dark chocolate border aside, it looks deceptively light, but that same chocolate is stuck between four layers of not-as-crisp-as-we-wanted-but-still-crisp wafer madness, so it's pretty decadent. Three bites at once (ie. a corner) is enough for us unless we're in cookie overdrive.

Though Mikado is a brand name for the Japanese Pocky cookies in Europe, our speculation is that this wafer might be at the least a visual homage to a Russian cake layered with cream that's also called Mikado. Confirmations or clarifications are welcome!

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Cinderella Bakery and Cafe

436 Balboa, San Francisco, CA

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