If Twitter's Any Evidence, Cooks Are a Very Peeved People

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Here's your time-wasting assignment for the morning: type #kitchenpetpeeves into the search bar of Twitter.

Yesterday's biggest Twitter meme in the food world began with a New York cook with the handle @jasoncooksfood, who posted a picture of what looks like bacon half-covered in plastic wrap, with the complaint, "One of my many kitchen pet peeves. Why do cooks insist on doing this shit ... make me crazy." 

Richie Nakano, aka @linecook, aka @haparamen, tweeted back, "Everyone's got them. Give me your biggest kitchen pet peeves. I'll start. WET SALT #kitchenpetpeeves." The hashtag topic took off. Within a few hours, hundreds of cooks from around the country submitted their own:
The complaints range from the petty (but annoying!) to the creepy to the lifethreatening to the oh-gawd-I-remember-that-dude. And then there was the one that made SFoodie shudder in both remembrance and disgust:

As one cook and food writer tweeted, "If you are considering restaurant work, read this hashtag #kitchenpetpeeves -- a hell of a lot of education in every 140 char[acter]s."

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J Loring
J Loring

Watched these tweets as they came up last night - hilarious and disturbing. Nice work, Richie!

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