Four Barrel's Jeremy Tooker To Open New Coffee & Toast Spot

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Josey Baker
Josey Baker gets to work on the new coffee cart
It's looking like 2012 is going to be an impressive year for Divisadero. Already stacked with solid food, great stores, and a prime location, the street is a thrumming stretch of San Francisco. Bi-Rite Grocery opens a store in the space next to the NOPA later this year, and now Four Barrel's Jeremy Tooker is jumping in to the mix with a coffee and toast collaboration with sourdough expert Josey Baker. 

The new, as-yet-to-be-named project will find a home in the 1800 square foot space once home to Emblem Market. Though Four Barrel's coffee will still be at the heart of the matter, Tooker told us that he was shooting for something, "less industrial. Something more homey and comfortable that reminds you of your mom's kitchen." With 1000 square feet of garden in the back and a host of beehives on the roof, Tooker and crew plan to sell almost entirely self-produced products. "We'll be offering toast with honey made in our own hives. Our own peanut butter, our own nut butter, our own butter -- most of the things are going to be made on site and by hand in small quantities." Baker, a Vermont-born breadsmith grown popular through his pop-up work with Pizzaiolo and Mission Pie, will supply his well-regarded loaves for both toasting and retail. 

Though the new project will serve Four Barrel's coffee, Tooker didn't want to just open another FB locale. "I wanted to drop the hipster stigma that everyone's attached to Four Barrel. When you walk in to Four Barrel you expect a completely hipster clientele and hipster attitude, but it's not true. I wanted the new space to open without that expectation. It's partially why I didn't name it Four Barrel."

While they're still months away from opening, Tooker and Baker in the next few weeks will start serving pour-over drip, espresso and of course crusty loaves of bread from a coffee cart within the under-construction space. Constrained by the shifting nature of the work being done on the space, Tooker has contracted a group of metal workers and seamstresses to build a waxed canvas tent that will allow the cart to move about the space, while shielding customers from construction. "We wanted to do the coffee cart, but this isn't the Four Barrel days where we just threw open the back door," Tooker said.

The cart will serve coffee six days a week (Tooker thinks they'll take Tuesdays off) with bread being freshly made by Baker on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Though the thought of a enjoying a warm piece of toast smeared with fresh honey in a comfy chair with a warm cup of Four Barrel drip nestled in our hands makes us yearn for Tooker's new project to throw open its doors sooner rather than later, the coffee cart will certainly help tide us over until Spring.

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Wait, they ripped off the inventor of that combo? Wait, who's that?

mr. walter.
mr. walter.

hm - coffee and toast. sounds familiar.

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