Wired Searches Out Roofie-Detection Devices

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Don't get roofied: Discreetly dip one of these in your cocktail.
In the wake of last weekend's horrifying roofie-rape report -- a woman visiting San Francisco was drugged at a bar downtown and awoke in a man's bedroom in the Sunset -- Wired has published a primer on roofies (GHB, K, Rohypnol) and roofie-protection devices.

Did you know that rohypnol has been reformulated to turn drinks blue? (Hint: never accept a curaçao-tinted drink from strangers). Some of the protection devices are caps you clip on to the mouth of a bottle, while others resemble James Bond gadgets. There are coasters that turn color when wet with a roofie-spiked liquid, testing strips that fit inside a lip-gloss container, and tiny police-designed GHB tests. The first two seem simple enough to slip into a bag or pocket and use when drunk. Better still, if the test comes back negative you get to finish your free drink.

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James Bond Gadgets
James Bond Gadgets

What makes this technology so good is that you can catch someone before they do it, where as in most cases they have to commit the crime to get caught

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