Cold Coffee, Cold Chicken, and Hot Bama Messes: This Week in Food Bloggery

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Highlights from the blog this week:​

1. SFoodie's late-night cooking-channel scout, Michael Leaverton, discovers Bama Glama, whose dethgoth, party-planning host wears spiked sunglasses (yes, photographic evidence is provided). Leaverton's reaction to the show: coining the word "hatewatch." Bonus read: the comments.

2. Noah Sanders chats up James Freeman about Blue Bottle's brand-new bottled cold-brew coffees, now on sale at the Ferry Plaza kiosk, and perhaps soon in a supermarket in your neighborhood.

3. SFoodie comes up with our list of San Francisco 10 best burritos, a subject on which 50 percent of all San Franciscans consider themselves expert.
< br/> 4. Cocktail correspondent Lou Bustamante hits up AQ, the new SoMa bistro, where the bartenders wield blowtorches and the Prey of Thieves cocktail combines scotch, port, and chickory-coffee bitters.

5. ABC Bakery & Cafe on Jackson may have a giant menu, but peer into the glassed-in kitchen and you'll see not one but two cooks dedicated to just one dish: the Hoi Nam chicken, poached and served cold with chicken rice, broth, and ginger-scallion sauce.

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