Begin Your Liver Training: It's Strong Beer Month

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The 21st Amendment
​They say you are what you eat. Since February is Strong Beer Month, you're going to get pretty buff over the next few weeks. Buff and tipsy, most likely. For the tenth year, the Magnolia and 21st Amendment brewpubs are serving up a dozen special brews over 8% abv. For the second year, Social Kitchen and Brewery is jumping into the ring with five bold beers of their own. The brews represent a wide range of styles for every palate, assuming that you're pretty tough.

With SF Beer Week just over a week down the road, this is a good opportunity to perk up your liver and start training. Per tradition, if you sample all of the Magnolia and 21A beers over the course of the month, you can keep the commemorative tasting glass. Just throw it on the shelf with the rest of your bodybuilding trophies.

Put on your gameface and meet your worthy adversaries, below:

Magnolia Pub and Brewery: 1398 Haight (at Masonic), 864-7468

1) Old Thunderpussy - barleywine, 11.9% abv
2) Smokestack Lightning - imperial stout, 10.7% abv
3) Pride of Branthill, imperial ESB (extra special bitter), 8.9% abv
4) Tweezer Tripel - abbey tripel, 10.1% abv
5) Promised Land - imperial IPA, 11.5% abv
6) Punch You in the Rye - strong rye ale, 8.0% abv

21st Amendment Brewery: 563 Second St. (at Bryant), 369-0900

1) Lord & Master - strong English blonde, 8.3% abv
2) Triple Crisis - imperial IPA, 11.0% abv
3) Red Giant - imperial red ale, 13.0% abv
4) Oaked Drunken Monk - dark abbey ale, 9.5%
5) Two Lane Blacktop - imperial black IPA, 9.8% abv
6) Hendrick's - imperial stout, 9.5% abv

Social Kitchen and Brewery: 1326 Ninth Ave. (at Irving), 681-0330

1) Liquidator - Doppelbock, 8.0% abv
2) White Thai Affair - Belgian-style golden ale with galangal and lemongrass (inspired by Thai tom kha soup), 9.2% abv
3) Nessie - oaky, dry, smokey ale inspired by Scotch whisky, 12.1% abv
4) The Big Lebowski White Prussian - smoked wheat beer brewed with coffee (interpretation of a white russian cocktail), 9.0% abv
5) Double Doozy - imperial IPA brewed exlusively with organic chinook hops, 9.0% abv

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