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They all want to kill each other.
Check, Please! Bay Area, the KQED television show that takes three S.F. Bay Area residents and has them dine at each other's favorite restaurants and then report back on air, is looking for  people to go on TV and talk about food. 

Check, Please! is great television already but we find the guests, by and large, to be a too friendly-and-likable lot. Hmm, maybe that's part of KQED's plan to class-up reality TV? Damn them for being so reputable! Don't they know what we really want is a woman dressed as a cupcake punching a fat man while they simultaneously throw-up? This is America!

So, please apply if you love food more than you love your family, have a restaurant you're obsessed with and must share with the world, are super crazy, are crazy weird, are overly-enthusiastic, are an incorrigible asshole, think you're a professional restaurant critic but really aren't, or are a judgemental wang. 

In fact, our favorite guests on the show are the ones who have their restaurant pick favorably reviewed by all first and then go on to completely destroy the other guests' choices. Cold-blooded! Also, amazing television.

The show is hosted/refereed by Leslie Sbrocco, who looks like the most fun person of all time. Seriously, all we want to do is drink wine and gossip with her whilst getting our hair dyed the same shade of neon-blonde. Love, love, love.

Apply here.

Laura Beck is a founding editor of Vegansaurus! and tweets at mrpenguino. Follow SFoodie on Twitter: @SFoodie, and like us on Facebook.
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I am a tall girl,  I joined a club -- ' Tal l'' H U b'.С 0 m  --- where I could chat with many hot ta ll guys. Come on,

join us,   discuss love with us.


I'd love to be on this show! and yeah, I think leslie sbrocco would be one of the funnest celebrities to go hang out with sometime, too! 


don't you know it, njudah! my motto, "I don't spit...after 5pm" (of course referring to the fact that I taste thousands of wines and cocktails every year but once the day is over, i get to enjoy those libations. cheers!


Can I just say how seriously awesome you are? I absolutely adore you for your knowledge of wine, your hella awesome show, and how you have conquered Twitter and Facebook. I am trying to qualify for Check Please but as hard as I try I think your team has reviewed a lot of places I would have. Anyway, if you're ever on the west side, just know you have a VIP seat at the west side bars with me.

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