The Dancing Pig is on the Way, 20 Spot Details, and Yet Wah Remains Closed -- For Now

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The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene.

The Dancing Pig is readying to jig its way into the Castro this Winter. Grub Street notes that Nirvana closed last week, and the pending BBQ joint is readying to open in February; expect a full bar with a focus on bourbon.

Yesterday we mentioned, via SFist, that a new restaurant is slated for the current record store, Force of Habit. Today Eater SF provides new details on the pending 20 Spot. Expect an extensive wine program, since owner Bodhi Freedom also owns the wine and sake bar Bacchus, and local ingredients across the food menu. Freedom and his partner Peter Goggin are just waiting on the ever faithfully-slow ABC to get things rolling. Expect an opening in June at the earliest.

Crepe'n Coffee is no more. Eater SF shares the Lower Pacific Heights cafe has papered windows and a disconnect number.

Yet Wah may still be gone for good. The dim sum restaurant shuttered in November, but then the Richmond Blog SF noticed a sign on Monday stating the restaurant is closed for a remodel. However, an update on the site notes that, regardless of the remodel, the restaurant won't reopen until they find a new owner.

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In a word...horrific. I waited for 15 min before the host could be bothered to even greet me. He flited about talking to his friends, checked his cell phone and walked away from the door. An astute waiter saw what was happening and offered me a seat at the bar. I wrote it off to the newness thing. After being ignored for another 20 min I waved over the bartender who seemed upset that I was bothering him. I ordered a beer, half a slab, beans, and coleslaw. Having spent some time in KC, St.Louis, and Chicago I settled in for some midwest goodness. My order was served within minutes of it being made. I foolishly thought things were looking up. First everything was on a stainless steel tray with. The beans and ribs resting on a sheet of paper and the coleslaw in a mini bread pan. The ribs were thin and virtually meatless. They were extremely tough to cut. At my first bite I realized not only were they cold but they were half cooked. They were slathered in a cumin laden sauce that was cooler cold. I sent the whole mess back. When it returned it had not been heated the only thing that had changed was the paper at the bottom of the tray. I pointed this out to the barkeep who seemed enraged that I was not going to eat a raw cold piece of cold pork. I offered to pay for my beer. He glared at me and said everything was on the house. I would avoid this place at all costs, you will be disappointed, and perhaps sickened by under-cooked fare. Sigh!

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