Wine of the Week: Tuck Beckstoffer's 2009 Melee

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Melee 2009 Label
If you aren't a wine geek, you may not recognize the name Tuck Beckstoffer. Beckstoffer's family owns a variety of premium vineyards and has historically sold fruit to some of Napa Valley's best. Their TO Kalon vineyard is so sought after, and of such exceptional quality, that it is often credited on bottles. It's also some of the most expensive fruit on the market. One Paul Hobbes TO Kalon that scored 100 points from one famous reviewer went on to command $500 a bottle.

Beckstoffer's 2009 Melee is labelled a "red wine," but it's grenache, augmented only by five percent of Syrah. From the moment you pick up the bottle, you sense this is a special (read expensive) wine. The wine is dark red velvet in color with a rich red nose. It's rich, with an initial taste of red-fruit and then a touch of roasted meat. There's a warmth in the mouth and a primal nature to the wine, a rich but animalistic robustness, like a caged tiger in a velvet robe. It's perfect for fall, and exceptional for the price.

Every new generation needs to find their own place in life, and Tuck has clearly found his in producing exceptional wines at very reasonable prices. Of course, he has an advantage in his father's ownership of some of the best fruit in the valley, but this wine comes from a vineyard he found and sourced himself. His achievement here is his, and his winemaker Drew Huffine's, alone.

Fewer than 1,000 cases of the Melee 2009 were made, so the wine is available "first come first serve" at It sells for $30 online and drinks like $50-$60.

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Deanna Barlow
Deanna Barlow

Eye catching label, makes you wonder what is inside. I found it taste catching as well, very enjoyable.

Ted Barlow
Ted Barlow

Very unique design as well as the taste

Bob Cipolla
Bob Cipolla

We just today picked up some Melee at the sales office in St. Helena.  We are enjoying a sip of the wine before dinner.  We plan to drink it for dinner tonight with roast beef, mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.  The incredibly unique label was created by Nate Williams (, who currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Cudos to Tuck Berkstoffer & Co. for recognizing the value of an artist whose art becomes instantly recognizable once you have been introduced.

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