Top 7 S.F. Bay Area Chocolates to Send Home and Make People Jealous Happy

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Visions of these will be dancing through some heads.
​Shopping for the most discerning person on your list? Looking for something for someone you hardly know at all but still have to buy a gift for? Well, this list is for you! With the exception of nobody, everyone loves chocolate, so give the people what they want. Here's our vote for the best local chocolate deliciousness to send to those you love, those you like, and those who you are hoping to get a raise from. Happy Holidays!

7. Peanut Butter Cups from Snake & Butterfly
Peanut Butter Cups are the great culinary equalizer. Everyone loves them, even Satan worshippers, and also Satan. Snake & Butterfly makes some pretty outrageous ones that we can wholeheartedly recommend. Plus, the company is bean-to-bar so it's got that extra homespun thing going on. You're so thoughtful! $5 for 2.5 ounces, order here.

6. Custom Truffles from Coco Luxe
Want a chocolate bearing a picture of your butt inside a wreath to send out with your holiday cards? Or something less awesome? Your wildest dreams can come true with Coco Luxe's custom truffles, which come emblazoned with the image of your choice -- in the medium of candy! I know, you thought these only existed in your wildest piggy dreams but boy were you wrong. Prices vary, contact Coco Luxe for more info.

5. Poco Dolce Tiles
These things are ridiculous, and they come in holiday-friendly flavors like cranberry pumpkin seed. Who are we to argue with that? If you've got people in your life who aren't into lactose, Poco Dolce's olive oil sea salt bars are pretty much a gift directly from heaven. Seriously, we're obsessed. Get it, Santa. Tiles start at $18, order here. Olive Oil Sea Salt goodness is $24 for four bars, order here.

4. Champagne Truffles from Michael Recchiuti
Who doesn't want champagne truffles from one of SFoodie's favorite chocolatiers? Nobody you're giving a gift to! $25 for 6 ounces, rder here. If you want to mix it up with something new, our Jonathan Kauffman is a big fan of the chocolate-covered sesame nougatine. $19 for 8 pieces, order here.

3. Signature 10 Piece Gift Box from Neo Cocoa
Named Best Local Truffles by this here magazine in 2010, how can you go wrong? To quote, "This simplicity of structure results in simple, vividly flavored chocolates in varieties such as warm ginger root, freshly zested lime, mocha cinnamon, and almond butter with smoked sea salt." Sold! $24 for 4 ounces, order here.

2. Sriracha Flying Rooster Chocolates from Socola
Spicy chocolate lover on your list? I mean, SPICY. Like fire. Well then you can't do better than these tasty morsels infused with Sriracha. We're fans because we have a love/hate relationship with our tongues. $9.95 to $24.95, order here.

Socola Sriracha Flying Rooster Chocolate Truffles.

1. Venezuelan Spiced Drinking Chocolate from Christopher Elbow Chocolates
Hot chocolate lover in your life? I'm talking hot as in temperature and spiciness, of course! Christoper Elbow's spiced drinking chocolate is just what the doctor ordered. Actually, a doctor might recommend it to clear the sinuses and warm the belly. That's science! Plus, we're experts and we love it so, hey, you can't go wrong. $16 for 12 ounces, order here.

Laura Beck is a founding editor of Vegansaurus! and tweets at mrpenguino. Follow SFoodie on Twitter: @SFoodie, and like us on Facebook.
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Just discovered a new SF chocolatier at the Alameda Antique Show last Sunday. Trufflove is my new favorite. The spiced pecan bourbon truffle rocked!

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