This Friday: Liège Waffles, Made to Order

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What: Liège Waffle Party!

Where: Duboce Park Cafe

When: Fri., December 16, 2-6 p.m.

Cost: $5.50

The rundown: Liège waffles, named after the place of origination, a town in Eastern Belgium, are a richer, denser, and sweeter than the average waffle. Invented by the chef of an 18th century prince-bishop of Liège, they are supposed to taste as if brioche bread dough were coated with chunks of pearl sugar, and then baked in a waffle iron. It is the most common type of waffle available in Belgium, and the one you'll get from most street vendors.

Here in San Francisco, the wholesale bakery Suite Foods specializes in them, making their products from scratch daily. They're normally served up at Duboce Park Cafe, but the actual team from Suite Foods will be on hand this Friday, to freshly prepare them to order with a myriad of authentic toppings. The waffles will be $5.50, topped with fresh whipped cream, fresh fruit, and shaved, dark, and real Belgian chocolate. Ooh la la!

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I use to travel In Liege all the time for my job , the thing I loved the most in Belgium was the Liege waffles an the frites.I found a store where they sell Authentic Liege waffles and pearl sugar from Belgium. http://www.belgianpearlsugar.c... The waffles are  just as  remember, yes that good !

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