Quick Fix Opens, Citizen Cake Shutters, and a Bank's New Coffee Shop

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The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco food scene. We're starting on the other side of the bay today. The Berkeley vegan and vegetarian Thai restaurant Green Papaya, is readying to close up for a remodel on Jan. 1. When they reopen their doors, the menu will have incorporated meatier dishes alongside their current options. Currently there's no word on how long the remodel will last.

After Little Bird, the quaint Tenderloin (never thought we would say that together) cafe, shuttered earlier this year, it was uncertain what would become of the space. Now, Eater SF learns that the location has been been reborn as a late-night spot, Quick Fix (835 Geary at Van Ness). A former Little Bird employee, Sam Enciso, and the next-door Whiskey Thieves' bartender, Jeff Patel, have soft-opened the spot; and yes, you can order food from Quick Fix for noshing at Whiskey Tavern. Look for a full-scale opening in February.

So long Citizen Cake. Inside Scoop reveals Elizabeth Falkner officially closed her restaurant over the weekend. While we knew the Fillmore restaurant was slated to shut before the end of the year, we didn't expect it to happen so quickly. We'll keep our eyes peeled for future Falkner endeavors.

Other than still serving Southern fare, Criolla Kitchen has changed since it opened seven months ago. Grub Street reports that the restaurant has new owners and possibly a new chef. That's not all: The menu is different, and the prices have gone up.

We never thought banking and baking would fall under the same roof, but ING Direct has bridged the gap. SF Gate reports that the online bank has opened a cafe near Union Square (Post at Kearny). The coffee shop also doubles as what they're calling a "community center." No, there's no YMCA basketball here, just their employees to answer banking questions. But if you want to visit an ING Direct bank, you'll have to visit the one located a few blocks away from the cafe.

Speaking of coffee, Eater SF discovers that the Coffee Bar team has created a space for a "restaurant concept" on the corner of Howard and 12th streets and are looking for a tenant. We're curious about who may be the first ones to bite.

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Shop Fronts
Shop Fronts

Hi buddy!I am here to this blog and its a very informative forme.I will be looking forward to the other blogs.I love it.....


Seeing as Green Papaya lied about their "vegan" food containing shrimp paste, I'm not surprised they're officially adding meat to their menu.  I won't ever be eating here again. 

Mikoe Wozz
Mikoe Wozz

Another restaurant cliaimed to use fresh mozz arella cheese,where it'sdishes were actually made with economy cheddar.the "freshpasta"advertieshed on another meau tumed out to be frozen.--Agedate. ℃⊙M--anice and free place for younger women and older men,or older women and youngermen,to interact with each other.

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