MasterChef is Looking for Cooks to Yell At

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When: Saturday, Dec. 10, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Where: Le Cordon Bleu, 350 Rhode Island (at 16th St.)

The rundown: If you've ever wanted yelp, "Yes Chef!" as Gordon Ramsey stares you down while holding a plate of overcooked scallops -- now's your chance. MasterChef, the Fox show featuring highly talented, but untrained cooks, is seeking those whose home kitchens churn out edible masterpieces, be it chicken and rice, souffl├ęs, or whatever recipe Grandma passed down.

For those seeking cooking glory, or reality TV fame, bring a prepared dish to Le Cordon Bleu this Saturday, and be ready to plate and add the finishing ingredients to it in front of the judges. We're not sure who will be judging it that day, but if it's either of Ramsey's co-hosts Joe Bastianich or Graham Elliot, don't expect them to sugar-coat their opinions either. There's a couple more items they'd like hopefuls to bring, so get the rest of the details here. Good luck.

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