Mary Risley Is Back With More Awesome and Profane Cooking Advice

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"Young people listen to you if you say fuck!"

That's Mary Risley's assessment of the viral success of her Thanksgiving video after being recognized in public for her YouTube achievement. "Just Put the F*cking Turkey in the Oven" has garnered more than 120,000 views since November for the head of the non-profit organization Food Runners and has encouraged a new instructional just in time for Hanukkah and Christmas.

Her latest is entitled "Fed Up With the Holidays? Just Pound the Peppercorns!" and contains a very-easy looking method for making steak au poivre (pepper steak). She eschews measuring ingredients and instead uses sight, touch, and instinct to cook the meat. Two valuable takeaway tips: "Don't push it around and don't crowd the pan."

Risley needs no gimmickry to ply her trade -- her insight into food is deep and meaningful, and she has an ability to keep it simple for those who might otherwise be intimidated. As a voice off-camera tries to goad her into more profanity on this new video, she hoots, "I can't be the fucking cooking teacher all the time!"

Risley also runs Tante Marie's Cooking School with the help of several accomplished instructors. The 2012 season of one-day, weekend, and evening courses is starting to shape up, with an intensive "Spring Cooking Camp" happening from March 12-16. Somehow we get the feeling you don't have to watch your mouth there.

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