Bartender Brooke Arthur's Holiday Cocktail Recipe

Lou Bustamante
Part 3 of an interview with BrookeArthur, bar manager at Wo Hing. Part one of the interview is here. Read part two here.

Brooke Arthur's Napoleon's Vice, named simply after the image of the French general on the bottle of sherry, is new holiday cocktail on the list at Wo Hing General Store designed to be a low-alcohol winter tiki-style drink. According to Arthur, the drink is unique in that, "the acid in the cocktail comes mainly from the sherry and pineapple juice, instead of the usual larger pour of citrus."

Napoleon's Vice

1 ½ oz. Napoleon Amontillado Sherry
1 oz. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum
½ oz. Benedictine
¼ oz. Small Hand pineapple gum syrup
½ oz. Fresh pressed pineapple juice
¼ oz. Lemon juice
2 dashes Angostura bitters

Nutmeg for garnishing


Mix all ingredients with ice and give it a quick shake to combine. Strain into double old fashioned glass with crushed ice, and grate fresh nutmeg over to garnish.

Wo Hing General Store, 584 Valencia (at 17th), 552-2510

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Chingalings Bronx Nyc
Chingalings Bronx Nyc

get drunk drive drunk get in fights be violent and kill people. booze is the devils juice.


Clearly Chingalungs Bronx has problems. Please stay away frrom us normal folks who can have a drink, give cheers to friends an family and enjoy earth's bounty.

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