If You Want to Combat Corporate Lobbying, You Have to Put Up Your Dukes

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Put up yer dukes.
If you read the food media, especially in large cities, you'd believe that the sustainable food revolution is winning. But if you talk to a state senator or member of Congress, writes public-health advocate Michelle Simon, they'll assure you that the food-industry lobbyists are still the ones with all the power. Simon talks to a politician in Maine who says that corporate food interests are prowling the state government buildings every day. No wonder they can easily sway senators to consider pizza sauce a vegetable and convince the FDA to stop worrying about regulating antibiotics on farms.
In a Civil Eats article titled "2012: The Year to Stop Playing Nice," Simon argues that instead of doing more research, good-food advocates should start fighting back with lobbying and political organizing. Campaigns to finally introduce GMO labeling are having some success, and big organizations like the Environmental Working Group are taking on children's nutrition. "It's not just because corporations have more money to lobby, of course they do," she writes. "It's that too often, we're not even in the game."

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