Guy Fieri's Ridiculous TV Man-Fort: A Helpful Breakdown

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Each week we take a quick, cautious look at what's going on with televised cooking.

Have you seen Guy Fieri's kitchen-fort on Guy's Big Bite? I love this guy. Here are some photos from the set.

guy_fieri_bar_1 (1).jpg

Le grand kitchen-fort. Go ahead, whisper "Awesome sauce." See how that feels.
guy_fieri_fridge (1).jpg
We understand the racing stripes -- if Fieri likes to get in his fridge and pretend to drive it around, that's okay. He owns Johnny Garlic's fast-casual.
guy_fieri_hubcaps (1).jpg
Fieri's been trying get Jesse James to come over for a playdate. These hubcaps could work. THEY HAVE TO.
guy_fieri_license plates (1).jpg
No Disney movie is complete without a wall of license plates. Not sure what is going on here.
guy_fieri_bumper (1).jpg
The only thing worse than bumper pool table is someone who owns a bumper pool table. It's a trifle. A desecration. It is not serious thing. The only thing a bumper pool table is good for is throwing up on. Fieri could have put a nice little bar table there and blown off steam with the gang after takes, but he goes with a toy that only two people in the country even know the rules of. Even Sammy Hagar won't play bumper pool.
guy_fieri_pinball (1).jpg
Have you ever played pinball from the early '70s? It's basically Pong. Still, I would play Drop-a-Card (1971), and I would play the shit out of Twilight Zone (1993) or Addams Family (1992).
guy_fieri_trophies (2).jpg
According to the site, Fieri rented (rented?) all these trophies from a prop shop. Is there anything sadder in all the world? Except for a few other things in this kitchen-fort, like ...
guy_fieri_band (1).jpg
... the instruments. It's like a museum set-piece. The high hat is crying.

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