Crumb Elevates The Art of Soft Baking

Tamara Palmer
Crumb's Peanut Goodness cookie.
​"I started Crumb because I like to feed people," says cookie maven Ann Marie Milo. "More importantly, I love dessert."

Crumb launched in San Francisco back in May, and is carried in the city at Falletti Foods, Bryan's Grocery, and JCC Cafe. Varieties include Lemon Sunshine, Bumpy Road (like rocky road without the nuts), Oatie Oatmeal Raisin, and Chocolate Drops. But we're most partial to Peanut Butter Goodness.

A peanut butter cookie is a delicate proposition, one too often ruined with an excess of density. Crumb's version is surprisingly light and doesn't cause the tongue to curl under the weight of too much peanut butter.

They are baked just long enough to be cooked, but keep the soft allure of a cookie that was yanked out a little early just out of anticipation. A few large flecks of sea salt, which Milo attributes to the suggestion of her friend Melissa, are the key element that pulls the whole thing together. Here's where Milo's training in fine pastry proves especially helpful. She worked at the dearly departed Hawthorne Lane restaurant under Nicole Plue (presently at Cyrus in Healdsburg) and Sara Spearin (now the proprietor of Dynamo Donuts) and for Paula Leduc Catering.

The mingling of salt with a dusting of sugar elevates this cookie from childish indulgence to something adult and sophisticated. It's perfect bait for luring those who profess not to give a hoot about sweets.

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Bought some of these cookies from my neighborhood market and loved them so much I sent them to friends overseas and on the east coast. My friends loved them so much I'm packing up over a dozen bags of these cookies to send out as Christmas gifts. Who sends cookies to Asia? THIS GIRL. The chocolate drop and blueberry walnut are ridiculous. I've never cared for lemon flavored treats before but Crumbs lemon cookies are soooo rad. My corner market probably thinks I'm eating them all myself and I wish I was. The price is right for cookies that impress bakers worldwide. Please, Crumb, never stop. Suriously. 


I tried the peanut butter cookies, which were true to the fact based on this review - I bought another bag yesterday - my whole family loves them, we finished the first bag in 10 minutes. I also love the presentation, cookies are not so big or overwhelming; they are seperpated by white lining, which makes an elegant showcase, looks very expensive. My husband thought I must have spend $10 for the little bag.I bought lemon sunshine for my co-workers' bday a few days ago, she loved them too. She said she could taste lemon, and the cookies are almost too beautiful to be eaten. (She probably thinks that I spent a fortune, haha.)We will buy the cookies from this brand again. 

Bra Saleman
Bra Saleman

 I thought this story was about 1960s underground comix artist R Crumb. this is another typical 2011 yuppie rip off story

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