Burger Urge Does Serve a Filling Burger

Jonathan Kauffman
Burger Urge's steakhouse burger: Prepare to be filled.
A few weeks ago, the wooden chrysalis surrounding a former tattoo parlor on Haight and Clayton came down, and Jack Mogannam and Sam Sirhed's Burger Urge erupted, all neon and windows The owners spent months refitting the floors with hardwood slats, installing a blindingly silvery new kitchen, and painting the walls the color of fresh paprika. Then they made the place look like a college pub, cluttering it up with cheap tables, pictures of Marilyn Monroe, and a television permanently tuned to sports.

The business is built on the Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers template: Niman Ranch patties (turkey, chicken breast, or Garden Burgers can be substituted), priced $8-10, with names like the Pineapple (pineapple, Swiss, and teriyaki) and the Elvis (peanut butter, bacon, and fried bananas). Bonus: You can find Bi-Rite Creamery ice cream for dessert (Jack is Sam's cousin).

"Prepare to Be Filled!" is the business's motto, and the steakhouse burger SFoodie tried was, indeed, filling: A double-handful with a high-domed bun and a half-pound, half-inch-thick patty splayed atop giant leaves of lettuce and tomato slices. It's a burger that requires constant shifting to eat, with meat that slips across the vegetables at every move and mushrooms and horseradish sauce escaping with the ease of a wriggling two-year-old. 

The quality was standard-issue, good beef cooked well past the medium SFoodie asked for. The accompanying fries: skinny and underdone. It was the kind of burger you seek out after spending too long at Trax's two-dollar-pint night.

Burger Urge's burger is not a destination, that's for sure, but that makes the restaurant perfectly pitched for this stretch of Haight Street. There's money in the neighborhood -- just stop in at the Stanyan Whole Foods and you'll see it -- but most residents avoid the commercial strip, thronged of European tourists and suburban high schoolers. And so Burger Urge's comfortably cluttered interior and kind-bud specialties like the Elvis burger are exactly what the market wants. 

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Sean Leonard
Sean Leonard

I had a totally substandard experience as well... The burger was totally bland, dry and overcooked and the bun was on the verge of being stale... The fries were undercooked, pale and lifeless... As the article states the only plus is that you are getting a 1/2lb burger for the same price most other places charge for a 1/4 or 1/3 pounder - not enough to make me want to go back.

Peter Middleton
Peter Middleton

I had two horrible experiences at Burger Urge. First time it took 24 minutes by time on receipt to receive a medium rare cheese burger and an order of fries. Second time I waited until 20 minutes for a medium rare cheese burger before I asked for my money back. It was not particularly busy either time and I was told by the counter staff 10-15 minutes on both visits. 

I wont even get into taste, which was not my style and is slightly subjective. But the price!!! $16 with a bit of change and a whole dollars tip. A ridiculous price when a comparable product from SuperDuper Burger for example is cheaper. Also tastes a thousand times better...and takes how long it SHOULD take. I dont care if its a 25 minute wait, but you better let me know its going to be that long instead of keeping me standing around waiting with my thumb up my ass. This is a trap for the tourists in the Haight. Dont bother. It will succeed amazingly.

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