Five Places Bacon Is But Shouldn't Be

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There's such abundant love for bacon in this world that thousands of people have hit upon ways to share their love of the crispy pork fat with the rest of us.

But some of these people go to far. Here's five bacon goods we find troubling:

5. Scratch and Sniff shirts
Scratch and sniff items lose their scent almost immediately, leaving the scratcher to squish her nose into the item, eyes closed, trying to recall the scent from the first time she dragged her nail across the image With this bacon-scented shirt, we have to wonder. Are you meant to remove it and then rub it across your face? Or is the benefit of the bacon stink really intended for the owner's friends -- who must love sniffing at chests.


4. Cologne
Cologne and perfumes are one of those close-up smells - like the BO of the person next to you on MUNI. While we'd much rather experience a whiff of breakfast while inching toward Embarcadero, we're not sure it's the optimal scent for daily life or date nights - at work, during jazzercise class, in line at the DMV - our olfactory system might just start to link the scent with memories of commuting or the day we took a really bad license photo, and well, no one wants to associate bacon with an image that could double as a mug shot.


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Wow, I had no idea dude, Bacon Vodka? Man thats gotta totally rock!


Unfortunately, I can tell you firsthand that home-made bacon vodka in no way rocks. Well, unless someone else is drinking it. In which case it's funny!


Hi Mollie :) We've got bacon mints, bacon gum...even bacon soda! We have a couple shoppes in the Bay Area (Los Gatos, Willow Glen, Berkeley, Burlingame, Lafayette) and we can certainly fill your strange bacon needs.

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