Tacolicious's New Mission Location Opens -- Almost

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Ed Anderson
Tacolicious taco platter. No such thing as too much of a good thing.
Update: The restaurant has seen some advancements from PG&E but is still on hold power-wise and has to wait for inspections even after power comes on, according to Tacolicious's spokeswoman Tracy Gomez. They're now aiming to open the week after Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed!

Tacolicious, a taco-and-tequila establishment in the Marina, is all set to open the doors of its new Mission District outpost -- if they can just get the lights rolling.

"We're ready, sitting here putting out tables and chairs, and the bar shelving is filling up," said Tacolicious owner Joe Hargrave. But, he added, "we're at PG&E's mercy."

But power should be coming to the restaurant's Valencia Street location very soon, and once the restaurant serves its first two days of food, its sister tequila bar -- Mosto, which is right next door -- will open as well.

Tacolicious, which was only a food stand in the Ferry Building in July 2009, is actually moving home with its newest Mission Location: Hargrave lives just a few blocks away, and the Dolores Park mural that will grace the restaurant's interior is a view he sees every day on his morning commute.

"The location is one thing that's great. Internet commenters at large these days are quick to make the comments that we're Marina people invading the Mission," but they're mistaken, he said.

The menu between the two locations will stay "structurally the same," Hargrave said, with some palate differences to suit the neighborhoods. He'll also be serving iron skillet roasted mussels -- as an homage to his years at Restaurant Lulu -- that'll go "great with Mexican beer."

On the taco side of the spectrum, Tacolicious serves up six different kinds of tacos, seasonal salads, and a tuna tostada, as well as margaritas and an array of cocktails. We'll let you know as soon as we hear that the power's on, and check back soon for SFoodie's look at Mosto.


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