Super Duper Burger's Got Big Plans

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​With three locations already -- SoMa, Marina, and Castro -- and one expected early next year in Mill Valley, Super Duper is set to burger-fy the Bay Area. We sat down with owner Adriano Paganini to talk about his next moves, possible future locations, and whether or not the menu will be expanding, too.

In San Francisco, if you want to open more than 11 restaurants, you must have a public hearing. That's obviously not the case for Paganini... yet. He says that while he's looking into other possible location in San Francisco in 2012, he isn't certain where, and has no immediate plans. However, after he gets a few more up and running in the city, he plans to look outside San Francisco. Potential areas include Walnut Creek, San Jose, and Palo Alto. Ambitious. He doesn't currently have plans to move outside of the Bay Area, but with Umami Burger coming up from Los Angeles, maybe he'll want to bring some San Francisco heat down south?

Paganini says that being a local chain is a good thing -- people like them as long, as long as the product is good. Along those same lines, Paganini insists that Super Duper Burger's menu will remain the same at all locations. He believes that a great product, price consistency, and good service will be the trifecta that leads them into expansion, and messing with the menu, is the first thing that can mess with their competitive pricing. Keep the menu streamlined, and the prices competitive, and expansion will be easy. Ish.

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I love Super Duper !!! They have the best burgers in town.

Ben Walsh
Ben Walsh

Market Street itself is not usually considered to be South of Market ...

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