Need a Last-Minute Roast Turkey? Go to Chinatown

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A Thanksgiving turkey as glamorous as this roast duck? Possibly.
There may be no English-language advertisements on the windows, or Thankgiving-order takers stationed in the doorway, but many of Chinatown's butcher shops sell roast turkey for Thanksgiving.

If you bring New Golden Daisy a raw turkey, for instance, they'll roast it for you for $15, and pre-roast turkeys will be available for $2 a pound. The price can vary significantly between butcheries: When SFoodie stopped in at Kam Po, our favorite Chinatown source for roast duck right now, the counterperson quoted a figure of $4 per pound for turkey. But you don't need to order a whole bird -- and you don't need to order ahead.

Jonathan Kauffman
Kam Po says its turkey will look as good as its roast duck.
The owner of Yee's Restaurant, famous for its Cantonese-style roast goose, says that the butchers will be selling a whole roast turkey for $3 a pound, charging $3.20 per pound if you buy a quarter or a half-bird. They'd prefer you call ahead (415-576-1818) to place orders for a whole turkey.

Another SFoodie favorite roaster, New Moon Restaurant, told us that it charges $3.75 per pound, selling the turkey by a quarter, half, or whole. "When you come in to pick it up, we'll give you some sauce to go with it," the counterperson told us. Again, it's better to call ahead (434-1128) to order a whole turkey.

The Chowhounders, who mention several other sources, aren't uniformly thrilled about the tenderness of Chinese-style roast turkeys they've tried. Blame the turkey industry, perhaps, which has bred all the fat out of the young, mutant birds most of us buy. Still: a quarter of a Cantonese roast turkey is probably better for two people than that turkey leg you were considering picking up at Safeway, and Chinatown offers a last-minute save for the turkey apocalypse.

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