McRib is McNasty, Lots of Weekend Fun, and Silk Nog is Baaaack!

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​• Vegan R.D. Virginia Messina, put together a list of ten easy steps to help you go vegan. Read it in conjunction with Megan Rascal's 11 Tips for New Vegans, and you'll be vegan, or hate all vegans, in no time. And if you hate all vegans, screw you! And Happy Holidays!

Ecoterre has some cute-ass shoes that are vegan AND eco-friendly, which is good because all the time I'll be like, "These shoes are cute!" and then everyone on the internet will be like, "IDIOT THOSE ARE MADE FROM TERRIBLE PLASTIC IDIOT!" and I'll be like, "LAY OFF, HO'S" and then I'll get in tons of trouble for calling them ho's and that's when it starts to get rough.

• So many events this weekend, so let's just get down to business. In the S.F. Bay Area, there is a party for bunnies on Saturday night in the Mission, and a party for dogs on Sunday! In Los Angeles, there's a cupcake crawl party, in Chicago on Saturday, there's Chicago Veg Mania, and shit. I bet there's lots more that I'm missing. Point is, you better do something!

• Oh, something else you can do! Vegan Outreach is majorly looking for leafletters, and Vegansaurus has a list of upcoming S.F. Bay Area events that you need to get up on. Besides, there are often other cute people at these events and maybe you can meet and make love to one. Chew on that!

The Atlantic has a piece on the conditions at McDonald's McRib Pork Supplier, and all I can say is, McPUKE. Also, McDepressing and McHellaDisturbing. And it's not just the case with McDonald's, you guys, this is what happens anywhere animals are treated as commodities. Yes, even happy free-range pigs end up at the same slaughterhouses as the factory farmed ones, and the couple times a year you eat at those slow food restaurants doesn't cancel that out.

• Thanksgiving is coming! That means lots of recipes, lots of advice, and lots of events! Also, hugging turkeys, there will be a lot of that, at least in my house. First up, gotta find me a turkey who doesn't mind living with two gross dogs, two gross people, and piles and piles of garbage unique home decor.

Silk Nog is here! OBEY YOUR THIRST!

Laura Beck is a founding editor of Vegansaurus! and tweets at mrpenguino.
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Thanks, Laura! Would be great to have more people out there leafleting. 

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