This Thanksgiving, Learn Mary Risley's Beautifully Profane Way to Cook Turkey

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In a wonderful instructional that has garnered over 10,000 views in the past two days, San Francisco's Mary Risley cuts out all the crap you've ever heard about making turkey for Thanksgiving.

After decades of experience on the topic, the proprietor of Tante Marie's Cooking School and head of the non-profit organization Food Runners has boiled her advice down to one memorable sentence: "Just put the f*cking turkey in the oven." Her reasoning is that turkey just never tastes that great anyway, so why rack up the anxiety and stress in the kitchen for something that won't truly pay off in the end?

Of course, there's a little bit more that needs to be done, but it's easy stuff like washing the bird and removing the bits on the inside. And, you know, remembering to actually turn that oven on. She also offers tips for making gravy and directs viewers to her Web site for further Thanksgiving recipes.

Throughout, Risley is fantastically charming, proof that she should be a Food Network star: "I used to joke that I was like a turkey: big breasts and short legs," she deadpans, "but now I don't joke that way anymore."

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How wonderful to see Mary Risley getting some well deserved attention, Mary has earned her place in the top echelon of San Francisco's Chefs and hopefully the Food Network's next comedic chef.

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