Holiday Food Alert: Zog's Dogs Turkey Dinner Weenies

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Zog's Dogs is bringing back the Thanksgiving Dog in all its glory. It's basically an entire Thanksgiving dinner in a bun: turkey sausage, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and crunchy fried onions. Well, nobody ever said they don't have a sense of humor. Crazy, right? Oh, and you can get it deep-fried. Why the hell not? You accepted Jesus as your Lord and Personal Savior the second you took that first bite, so might as well slide into home (read: heaven and/or the ER) face first.

Maybe they could give you the whole thing free if you can suck it down in under 30 seconds. You should ask. So go ahead, slip into something more comfortable, pop a Lipitor and a Pepcid AC, and get down on it!

The Thanksgiving Dog is $6.95, and available only through Thanksgiving. Duh. Here's a picture of a bacon-in-the-bun Zog's Dog, so you can see what these people are capable of. Flying so close to the sun!

Yelp/Jesse H.

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