Meet Bubala's Rugelach and CiCi's Italian Butterhorns, Two Parallel Desserts

Tamara Palmer
Bubala's Rugelach (left) and CiCi's Italian Butterhorns.
​Life can go by at a blinding pace when racing across San Francisco in the pursuit of compelling cookies, but after one particularly large binge we settled down long enough to notice some intriguing parallels in the treats created by two young Bay Area companies.

The newest kid on the block is Bubala's Rugelach (available at Other Avenues), the SF-based company from Exploratorium editorial director Ellyn Hament. Rugelach and butterhorns are both steeped in East Coast heritage, where they're ubiquitous in New York's Jewish and Italian communities. They're also both traditionally made with cinnamon, sugar, and walnuts and rolled in similar formations. Hament plans to offer more than just the original flavor, with varieties including a vegan peanut butter and jelly, lemon with strawberry jam, and mocha (called Moch-ahh in the world of Bubala).

Even for a decadent Cook E. Monster, just one of these is pretty satisfying -- okay, two, maybe three, but we'll try to leave you a few.

The cookies from Christine Falatico Frey's East Bay company
CiCi's Italian Butterhorns
(available at Rainbow Grocery) seem to possess more butter than Bubala's, and have a less dense mouthfeel, making them a bit more dangerous to consume quickly. But both will probably make one forgo politeness when confronted with the last cookie in the bag.

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