Work at Google, Millions of Mashed Potato Recipes, and Party with Some Non-Human Turkeys!

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​• Harvest Home Sanctuary's Toast to the Turkeys is THIS Saturday! It's not too late to come eat and drink tons, cuddle animals, and watch turkeys eat cranberries, which is totally what turkeys do best. That, and be cranky and awesome. We've got a lot in common!

• So, you want to work at Google but don't know how to turn on a computer? No problem, work in Google's kitchen! Unfortunately, you need restaurant experience, so you're most likely be S.O.L. Unless, do you think they'll count eating in restaurants? Because then, BACK OFF THAT JOB IS MINE, HEIFER.

• It's the millionth Green Fest this year! It's a celebration of all things commercially green, and there will definitely be lots of vegans in the house, hocking their hemp socks and soygurt. This dude will probably be there, too. Other than that, protein bar samples galore and speakers talking about everything from how to solar-panel your house to how to solar-power your garage. There will almost definitely be vegan corndogs and those are impossible to find commercially so see you soon!

• Next Wednesday at U.C. Berkeley, stop by for some tasty (and FREE!) vegan ThanksLiving eats. I've got a feeling this might just turn into a feed-in for occupiers and other homeless people. So, I'll be there!

Dallas, Texas has a vegan food truck. We have no vegan food truck. That is all.

• Dude, eat all these mashed potatoes.

Meat Week infects New York City. As Megan at Vegansaurus says, "So thanks, Meat Week NYC organizers, for continuing to glorify meat despite the fact that it's cruel and destroying the planet. Meat consumption is an epidemic. It compromises people's health and quality of life. If Meat Week had a responsible message, it wouldn't be 'eat sustainable meat,' it would be 'eat less meat.'" GIRL, PREACH IT.

• The Old Grey Lady has a feature on vegan pies and it's a doozy! Let's all eat vegan pie until we explode in rainbows! (Rainbows is what vegan lard looks like, we do not bleed red!) (I don't know, I need to sleep.)

• Did you know I'm writing a holiday feature for VegNews in which I answer all your pressing questions about Thanksgiving. Well, I am, and forget you for not knowing my every move.

• My Holiday Motto: Always Be Eating Gourmellows.

Laura Beck is a founding editor of Vegansaurus! and tweets at mrpenguino.
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