The Six Best Restaurants to Bring Tourists to (Besides the Ferry Building or the Wharf)

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The Ferry Building is the ideal place to bring tourists to, but it's not the only one.

So your Aunt May is in town from San Diego or Modesto or Charleston and you've promised her two days of guided sightseeing, just as long as you don't have to accompany her to Pier 39. (Don't worry: She'll make new friends in line at the Powell Street cable-car turnaround, anyway.) But where do you eat? Here are six iconic San Francisco places SFoodie often takes out-of-towners to:

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Louis' Restaurant.
6. Louis' Restaurant for breakfast.

The Cliff House is for tourists -- Louis' is for tourists with local friends. You don't go to the diner for the food, though the Hontalas family who have run the place for almost 75 years have upgraded their menu to incorporate local, sustainably sourced ingredients. You go to Louis' because you can stare out of the windows at the Pacific, the steam rising from your coffee mug an echo of the fog bank hovering on the horizon, and because eggs benedict provides enough fuel for a hike up to Land's End and the Legion of Honor.

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