Studio Gourmet is Inside the Actors Studio for Chefs, and You Can Be in the Audience!

Studio Gourmet's FaceBook page
1300 Fillmore's chef David Lawrence at Studio Gourmet.
​Brad Lev founded Studio Gourmet while still living in Atlanta, Georgia. He owned a catering business, which was headquartered in a 5,000 square foot space, perfect for special events. He started hosting special evenings like "Swinging Sushi" (sushi class and swing dancing!), Tango and Tapas (guess!) and Studio Gourmet, a monthly culinary event that brought local chefs in front of a live audience for a cooking demo, interview, and tasting. So wildly popular that Lev brought it to San Francisco when he moved.

Since transplanting, he's hosted five Studio Gourmet shows, featuring the likes of Martin Brock from Gary Danko, Matthew Accarrino from SPQR, and Hoss Zare from Zare at Flytrap. Quite a line-up! Even with all those big names, Lev can't pick a favorite, "because they all have such different stories and experiences. They also have all brought amazing food to try!"

Studio Gourmet's FaceBook page
SPQR's Matthew Accarrino's tasting plates.
​The night begins with cocktails, followed by a live cooking demonstration from the featured chef. The audience has the opportunity to get close to the fire, and attempt to soak up the chef's knowledge -- along with more drinks. Next, it's time to sample the snacks. When everyone's drunk and full, Lev sits down with the chef, and starts asking the tough questions. He says:

The interview questions I ask are very in-depth, I do a lot of research, and make sure that what we talk about is not something that you can't just find on the web. I dig deeper into their answers to really find out why and who they are as a person. It's a pretty cool experience.

Sounds like a pretty all right night to us!

The next event will feature a conversation with his first wife and husband duo, Lori Baker and Jeff Banker of Baker and Banker. It'll take place at Circoloon Tuesday, Oct. 25, and tickets are available.

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