Sacramento Goes Vegan, Pumpkin Recipes Galore, and Veal at McDonalds!? We're All Screwed.

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McDonald's in Switzerland is serving VEAL BURGERS. In related news, Old Navy is selling Prada, Ke$ha is playing first fiddle in the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, and I'm gonna murder everyone

Subway is open to adding vegan options and we need to send emails right now to support that thought. If they put veg items on the menu, that would be huge -- there are more Subway than McDonald's franchises! Isn't that crazy? If I were Subway, I'd totally make a commercial with a giant sandwich beating down a clown. Fuck Jared, I've got IDEAS. Also, the best Halloween costume I've ever seen? One fat dude and one skinny dude going as Jared, before and after. Magical.

Win tickets to see Vegucated, either in S.F. or Berkeley! I recently saw this documentary and it's great -- funny, inspiring, and smart. Also, it has some super-disturbing factory farm footage, so definitely bring an omnivore with you! BAM, SUCKAS.

Weird Fish has a new chef! And he's apparently vegan-friendlier? Fuck yeah! This place goes through chefs like I go through donuts so I'm not feeling super-secure about it, but I am hopeful! Prepare for rain, pray for sunshine. You know how it goes.

"Eco-friendly veal"!? Of course they live a normal happy life, it's just cut short by about 20 years, when they're sent to the same slaughterhouse where all the factory farm animals go. It's gross enough that people eat dead animals, but then they refuse to cut the baby animals out of their diets. Humanity, eat a bag of dicks!

Sacramento is going vegan for the month! Well, kind of. A bunch of restaurants are serving special vegan options for the month of October and it's our jobs to eat them all immediately. Yes, our JOBS. Also, if you make it your job, let me know, because then maybe I can have your old job, because girlfriend needs health insurance, okay?

• Jonathan Kauffman questions the big difference between USDA recommendations and subsidies? The government tells us to eat more fruits and veggies, yet hands out subsidies to big animal agriculture like it ain't no thang. They're crazy cracked-out landlords, that our government of ours. They should all be in jail, and yet they run the world. Touche, USDA.

• October is the Vegan Month of Food! Nicknamed Vegan MoFo, it's all about blogging delicious vegan food for every day in October. There are a million vegan blogs, and they're all wonderful, so follow along and learn a lot about how great being vegan is. And by how great, I mean how much awesome food we eat all the time. I love VeganMoFo so much, I might just marry it.

• October also means PUMPKINS! Vegan Dad has pumpkin pull-apart rolls that look incredibly sexy, and I want them slathered in Earth Balance RIGHTNOW. If you need more pumpkiny goodness, Fit Sugar has a good list of delightful pumpkin recipes. Happy October, b!

Laura Beck is a founding editor of Vegansaurus! and tweets at mrpenguino. Follow SFoodie on Twitter: @SFoodie, and like us on Facebook.
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