One City, One Book, and Some Ice Cream

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​San Francisco's One City, One Book program is hoping to get as many residents as possible to read Mary Roach's Packing For Mars this fall -- but the incentive to do so just got a little bit sweeter.

Smitten Ice Cream is partnering with One City, One Book to make the reading experience multi-sensory: they're created a new space-themed flavor, Moon Pie, to pair with the book's discussion of the oddities of space life.

On Thursday and Friday at 4 p.m. and Saturday at noon, the S.F. Public Library will set up a table outside Smitten's Hayes Valley location (432 Octavia at Fell) and give away a copy of the book to the first handful of people who show up and buy Smitten's Moon Pie flavor.

Then, on Nov. 2, when author Mary Roach will get to butt science-y heads with MythBusters host Adam Savage at the Main Library, the ice cream will be popping up again, this time as a special treat to the audience.

The ice cream takes its cues from the classic Moon Pie treat, combining a marshmallow ice cream base with TCHO 60.5-percent dark chocolate chips and Sand Angel cookie bits from Batter Bakery. Mmm. Fly us to the moon.


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Who stopped our space program so we have to pay tons of money to hitch a ride with the Russians? What a dumb thing to do.

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