Oakland Rapper Kreayshawn Hates Oakland's Best Pizza

The things Kreayshawn hates could fill a Zagat guide.
You might know Kreayshawn from the thousands of articles about her on every music blog and reasonably hip magazine (including this one!) Or you might know her from that one song she did -- and when we say "one song," we mean that literally.

But you certainly don't know her as this: one of the many people in front of you in line at Zachary's Pizza in Oakland, a pizza joint so superb that just last night a friend announced, over her first-ever Zachary's slice, "Oh! This is why people like pizza in the first place!"

Kreayshawn, though, doesn't go there. As our All Shook Down blog reports, in a new interview with Vancouver's legendary DJ/interviewer Narduwar, Kreayshawn got quizzed about Oakland pizza. She spat, "Fuck Zachary's" and added:
"Fuck that fancy-ass pizza, man. We don't eat that shit in Oakland. That's fancy Oakland. We eat out the taco truck in Oakland."

In "Gucci, Gucci," Kreayshawn takes a firm stand against "basic bitches" who "work at Arby's," but basic pizza -- rather than Zachary's thick, rich, perfected variety -- seems fine with her.

And, Christ, every half hour or so she turns up in an ad on Spotify talking about how she's craving a slice of pizza with some ranch on it -- doesn't she understand that if the pizza's already flavorful you don't need to dip it in goo?

(Also, yes, we know Kreayshawn also did an earlier song called "Bumpin Bumpin," but out of decency to her we don't mention that one.)


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you just wrote an article about some girl's opinion on ok pizza... If this is what you have for controversy I think you should find another job. 

Basic bitches don't work at Arby's they wear gucci gucci louis louis fendi fendi prada. 


Zachary's isn't the best pizza in Oakland.  Pizzaiolo is the best pizza in Oakland.

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