Humphry Slocombe Introduces New Line of Caramel Candies

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Humphry Slocombe
Humphry Slocombe gets a lot of attention for its ice cream, but there are little toppings and treats (like frosted peanuts and duck fat pecan pie) that comparatively fly as much under the radar as is possible for this popular parlor. One new such addition: a line of in-house caramels (four for $5) inspired by ice cream flavors. The candies are available at the shop, the new HS stand at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market on Tuesdays, and in their forthcoming Christmas gift box.

The first offering, Salt 'N Peppa (a personal favorite in their ice cream), has Maldon sea salt, mild Cubeb pepper, zingy Szechuan pepper, and pink peppercorns. Brown sugar fennel is possibly the next flavor up to bat, with more planned. Oh, what we wouldn't give for a Secret Breakfast caramel.

Humphry Slocombe 2790 Harrison (at 24th Street), 550-6971

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Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream

2790 Harrison, San Francisco, CA

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Eva D Edibles
Eva D Edibles

I've been making a bourbon caramel for years, foodies!! C'mon!

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