Food Justice Conferences Comes to Oakland and Brings Free Public Events!

Categories: Events
What: Community Food Security Coalition Conference

Where: Oakland

When: Nov. 4-8

Cost: Varies

The rundown: This year, the 15th annual Community Food Security Coalition Conference comes to Oakland from it's home base in Portland. Naturally. The conference promises to bring together over a thousand people from the forefront of building a just, diverse, environmentally sound, and economically sustainable food system. Read: These are good people who give a shit!

Sessions will look at the past and future of the food movement, the Food and Farm Bill, and lots more. Unfortunately, registration ended on Oct. 16, but luckily, there are lots of events that the public can still attend. They look really great, and include film festival, food-specific Art Murmur, and a bunch of free workshops. The price is right! Your Sustainable Future is looking so bright, you might not have to wear shades all the time because of Global Warming. Hey-oh!

Update: Tegistration for the conference is still open. Advance registration ended Oct. 16, but people can still register on their website.

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Registration hasn't ended!!!! It is still open (it's advance registration that is over) and will be open throughout the conference -- you can still register online!


Food Justice is in the right place at the right time, anyone who is awake and paying attention will be in attendance.The GOP's job strategy to turn back the clock and deregulate our industries, as aprescription to create jobs and return to the 'good old days'God save our nation from deregulated food industry described in Upton Sinclair's book "The Jungle" which exposed the horrid conditions in the U.S. meat packing industry, and responsible for creating regulations of the Pure Food & Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act, good old days, my eye!

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