Drink of the Week: Comstock's Cherry Bounce

Lou Bustamante
The Cherry Bounce
​Necessity is the mother of invention--and also of cocktail recipes. When Comstock started making brandied cherries in house, the left over "juice" was so tasty that it demanded to be made into a cocktail. The sweetened brandied liquid is potent, even after absorbing the crimson essence from the cherries, adding plenty of flavor without dimming down a drink.

The sweet-tart liqueur is perfect for reinterpretation of the classic Cherry Bounce ($10), where the usual recipe involves cherries steeping with bourbon and sugar for weeks to months before drinking. The Comstock version takes the left-over boozy juice and mixes it with bourbon, sparkling wine, Angostura bitters, lemon, and garnished with the homemade cherries. The cocktail balances the strength of the whiskey with fizz and fruit for a delightfully and easy-going drink.

Comstock Saloon: 155 Columbus (at Kearny), 617-0071

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Comstock Saloon

155 Columbus, San Francisco, CA

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