Bacon Dressup and Ritual in China: This Week in Food Bloggery

Jonathan Kauffman
Halloween brownie bites from Baked, three for $7.50.
Highlights from the blog this week:

1. SFoodie contributor Albert Law, who has been spending six weeks in China, stumbled upon a cafe in Beijing that serves Ritual coffee. And it's no cheap knockoff -- it's the real stuff, imported from San Francisco. In fact, the brought over Eilenn Hassi to train his staff, and he's now giving workshops on how to make a cup of coffee.

2. In case you were hurting for Halloween costume suggestions: Bacon drag!

3. Noah Sanders interviews Ben Kaminsky from Ritual Roasters, who reveals his hopes for the future of coffee culture: No. More. Lattes. SFoodie supposes he's probably down on pumpkin spice macchiatos, too.

4. Ben Narasin clued SFoodie in on the best way to try great wines on the cheap: pre-auction wine tastings. You simply pretend you're considering buying a case of 1992 Bordeaux, and they let you try the freakin' wine. Amazing.

5. Don't let them drag you to Pier 39 again: Six suggestions for places to take your out-of-town visitors to eat.

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